Saskatoon to Mesa via Edmonton – Fall 2018


That we can go

South like the birds

Two-degree sunny day this October twentieth

Bob must have packed well

Nothing moved as I backed down the driveway

Furnace down, water shut off

Car battery disconnect

Sandwich made

And we’re off to see our girls

More emotional than I’ve ever been

Saying good-bye to Brett

Singing myself a lullaby

One last check for passports

Edmonton here we come

On Idylwild for two minutes

Text comes are you on your way

Lots of crops still in the field

Second eagle we’ve seen

They must feel a little vulnerable

How they stand out

With no leaves on the trees anymore

All the little birdhouses on the fence

North Battleford to Lloydminster

Big dead moose laying on the highway

Pretty black compared to golden fields

Sent daily quote to Brett

A Henry David Thoreau one about walking

To the beat of your own inner drummer

White swans; tails in air

In deep blue water of the slough

Two combines and a grain chaser

Bouncing down a road

Standing crop both sides

One hour out of Edmonton

Fifteen degrees; sunny and warm

Maybe can take girls to park.


(21st) To the park and more

As I show them the moon

Same one we’ll see

Where we are going to live.

Mom and Dad at the Oilers game

We sleep sound and do it again

Play all day

Sunrise over Edmonton’s oil refineries

As my niece is half way through her

Thirty km cycling fundraiser

For Stollery’s Children’s Hospital

Thinking grandchildren stretch us

In more ways than one

Our vehicle looks small compared to the big trucks

In hotel parking lot

2016 Ford Edge with 39,000 km

And a wonderful day

Harder to say good-bye each year

And yet easier to stay connected

When we arrived Saturday Sierra sang

“Here we go loopty loo, here we go loopty lie

Here we go loopty loo, all on a Saturday night.”

Song ideas in my head and what I’ll do when I get down south

Keep up the Brett quotes

Did some yoga this 5:30 a.m.

While Bob sleeps

Listened to my meditation

Was so dizzy when it was over

Kind of scared inside

Bob had such doom oracle cards

Ending for the future…..?

So glad mine resolution during this transition time.

(22nd) Sun is rising as we leave Sherwood Park

Warren texted as we pass the Beaumont sign

Learning lots; go by the Silver Creek Golf Course

Close to New Norway

New road to us

Hilly countryside

A gas plant; cattle country

Rows and rows of canola swaths

Migrating geese

See Three Hills in the distance

Wonder if we’ll see my sister

Did and quality visit

Lots of combines at ready

Where snow flattened crops

Lots of dust flying now

As I’m basking in the sun

On the number one

Ford dealership tops up oil

Shows us how to work dash rpm display

Charge nothing so Bob tips

Very few oil pumpers pumping

And those are pretty slow

Costco had a line up

$1.08 in Edmonton; $1.28 in Lloyd

(23rd) Last night’s hike

Facebook photo delight

Redcliff’s coulees

Silver Buckle Steak

Sweet dream condo

Sisters hospitality

Meditation aids sleep and awake times

Leaving by nine

Harvest moon wild as sun set last night

Graveyards galore

As leave Medicine Hat behind

Distracted driver ahead

Twenty-five kms

Passing lane ahead

A dugout that is full

A collection of threshing machines

Irrigation and throughout Alberta we saw

UFA gas stations

Now sugar beet storage

Lots of semis

Fourth wide load

Trailer, two bins and super wide houses

Corn for a windbreak to swathed canola field

Taber bean plants

Sugar beet piles

Police station all in grey

Four garage houses

Redone train station

Life Church, community center

Aquatic; tourist info, auditorium, museum

Interpretive center

Golf course behind R.C.M.P station

An hour to the border

St. Mary River Irrigation District

Narrow bridge over valley river

A recreation area we don’t remember

County of Werner

Sixty full minutes

Computer glitch wait at the border

Another forty minutes paperwork inside

To list U.S. funds we are taking with us

Coutts to Sweetgrass

Read the history, geography

Economy and recreation of Montana

While we waited

Our longest wait yet in nine years

Only question: Have you ever been arrested?

My tour books tell me about Missoula and Yellowstone Rivers

Glacier National Park

Grasslands and oil

Back in glorious fall

Rocky character mountainsides

Green and golds dark evergreens

Cabins and rowboats

Paddling the Missouri

Twenty degrees outside

Lewis and Clark came in 1805

To see if Missouri would meet Columbia

To get to Pacific


Leave the shimmering beauty of the leaves

To next valley full of forest fire smoke

And road takes off another way

Road work for rock slides

Snow on the hillsides

Glad it’s fifteen degrees

In the Deer Lodge National Forest

Hight up along the Continental Divide

Saw the ninety-foot white statue

Of the Virgin Mary

Overlooking the world’s largest open-pit mine

Thanks to the tour book

Rainstorm as it drops to eight degrees

Awe as we top the Idaho Medina Pass

Out Best Western familiar Jakers evening

Great sleep, yoga and meditation

Connecting to the now


Roots into the earth


With all awareness

Around above below within


(24th) Hotels have stepped up their game

Fresh ground coffee

Steel cut oats, fresh berries

Free water

Love the wi-fi breakfast chat with our girls

FOG socked in

Maybe the proximity; doorstop to the river

Sun burning up the fog as on our way

Leaves still on the trees

Unique juniper shrubs

Bigger than our vehicle

Lots of interstate construction

Surprising for October

Now we are in Utah

Where it says, “Life Elevated”

Back to green fields

Gorgeous fall day

Sixteen degrees at eleven a.m.

Three lanes into Salt Lake City

Reds and oranges with the green and golds

Travelling on six lanes last half hour

Saw one near miss

Like being on a racetrack

Sign: “Domo loves LGBQT and everyone else too”

And “Don’t hide your opioid addiction”

Never under 110 km/hour

Peaceful Utah countryside

Red rock under dark green cedar hillsides

Mountains in distance

Twenty-five degrees and hot in vehicle

Summits and valleys

Gorges and mesas

Stratas of rock

Breathtakingly picturesque

Firsts: Canyons, cholla cacti, palm trees

Solar farms that go on for miles and miles

Thirty degrees in Vegas

West Jet plane above us

Text from home; 90 degrees there

Rush hour traffic

Boulder City beautiful

Lake Mead is not overflowing

New tunnels and walkways at Hoover Dam

Aquave and barrel cacti make me smile

In Arizona and on the roughest road we’ve had so far

See our first accident

All seem okay

Forget how good a free pour marguerita is

At Kingman, Az for the night


(25th) Bob wakes up to my Om Meditation practice

Glad he tips for the above and beyond omelette

He is a superb driver

Caring travel partner

Although we had a BIG discussion

Gold Rules is the golden rule or not

Bold letters are my emphasis

Which has me trying to remember a quote

About be of the world not in it or ?

Bob burned his arm yesterday just driving along

Structures dotting the landscape

On the Palo Verde Road with adobe structures

Mobile homes, wood houses with prickly scrub

Looking bush on desert mountainous landscape

With large double row of Hydro power lines

Coming from the Hoover Dam at Lake Mead to Phoenix

Remembering the nuclear power plants supplying power needs

One cloud in the whole Arizona blue sky

Reading about Az dust storms

How cacti survive; the whereabouts of petroglyphs and pictographs

Driving through the goofy rock area

Bob calls the teetering ones that show off the

Saquaros and Palo Verde

One hundred miles from Phoenix

Greener than we have ever seen

Lots of wild green grass

Reviewing the success of Mexican restaurant

All ages and families

Salsa revved up the tongue

Before a great meal

First time no state troopers to be seen

11:30 and we’re on the 303 at Surprise

The purple and red flowering shrubs

Deep red beaugenvillia

Does something for me

Desert design

Fifty-five minutes through Phoenix to home

Reviewed why we came in 2009

What has changed

New speed bumps

Get our phone turned on

Lemons on the ground

Two new park models

Across the street

One hour to unload the vehicle

Barbeque out

Bike tires blew up

Hugs to the neighbors

Now – a grocery inventory

And we’re here.

-Ellen Sagh
summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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