120. Battery

     When the word battery was mentioned I thought of my laptop. How that machine has changed my writing life. I’m so glad it has a battery. I am even more thankful there is a pop-up reminder that will say seven per cent remaining.

     I do not understand wifi. Neither do I want to. I do not understand batteries. I am glad we have them. They make life much easier than when I was young. I don’t use them as much as others when I think of batteries and T.V. It’s rare I watch T.V. and I know many are ruled by the remote.

     We also have batteries in our golf cart. I prefer to walk. If I am in a hurry, I would use my bike.

     I know I am thanks there are batteries for such things as smoke alarms or flashlights although I’ve never had the need for either in my sixty years of life.

     I know when we leave Viewpoint in the spring; my partner goes around the whole house taking out batteries. We take them to Saskatchewan and as soon as we return in the fall, in go the batteries.

     I guess I am very thankful on the extreme hot days that we have a battery powered thermostat for the air conditioner. My five-a.m. mornings are much more pleasant if it is near freezing in the desert and I can add a little heat the house but actually, it is rare that I do, as for some reason, my body adjusts to the outside temperature.

                                                        November 23, 2015    – Ten Minute Writing –


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