Hawaii 2020

Dark as we leave

Stars in the sky

Impeccable service

Brother in law

Getting us to airport

Self-check in

Through security

Fill my water bottle

Two hours in

Breakfast egg sandwich

Pineapple Juice

Cocoanut pineapple biscuit

Two hours out

Turbulent bouncing

Minus fifty-four outside

Watched cultural shows

On this Hawaiian airlines flight

Read things I never knew

Operas are 100% singing

Operettas 75% singing

25% speaking

Musicals – fifty-fifty

Hawaiians attempting to reclaim

Their culture stories

In airplane’s magazine

We land with no bumps

Over 5000 km from Arizona

Take $5.50 bus ride

Instead of $40.00 shuttle

Left bags at our hotel

Two hours till check in

Walked two blocks

To the ocean

Shimmering in the sunshine

Surfs up

Neat to see

As we eat

Hamburger on the beach

Back to our kitchenette

Rooms for ten days

I like relaxing

Couch, chair, tv, wifi

Coffee pot; we’ve got it made

Life of luxury!

Shopping and I’m done in.

Great sleep.

Read welcome package

Beach towels/umbrella/boards

Free for our use

Bob bought real beer

Figured out safety deposit box

Went walking

Left tourist district

Past zoo; homeless

Business Dev’t Improvement district

Schools, daycare, soccer players

Ala Wai Golf Course

Walk the canals

Back to the luxury

Shopping District

Salads for lunch

Talk with son, daughter, girls

Down to the beach

Seafood Birthday meal

Cupcake and all

Fireworks and long walk home

Feel safe with all the people

On this Waikiki, Ohahu island

Unicorn café pic

To send back home

Macadamia nut mai mai fish meal

Sleeping well

Coffee is good

Outside escalators here

Thankful for family and friends

65th birthday wishes

FB, Messenger, texts, emails, apps

Slow walk to Diamond head

Ocean turquoise green

Deep blue

White breakers

Coral floats in

Cruise ships off shore

Parasailing happening

We sit down

People watch

Baby mourning doves

All over the grass

Paddle boarders galore

Diving instruction

Tai chi and yoga in the shade

Under the flowering trees

Real flower leis

People with money

Prada purses, clothes, shoes

Limousines and the money being spent

Trolley tours

Ocean breezes

Banyan trees with hundreds of roots

Straight up and down limbs

Coconut trees with hammocks in between

Sky scraper hotels

Ocean colors amaze

Walk and see the Ghandi statue

Art on the fence of the Honolulu zoo

Pencil drawings, acrylic

Watercolor, photography

A new way home

Farmer’s market lunch

Sour Cream Candied Pecan Cinnamon Muffin

Wow and fresh pineapple

Home and sleep

Walk along canal

Laying on beach

Not as easy as used to be

Read a book

On a quiet balcony

Listen to the birds

Walk through the most deluxe hotels

More than a few steps up

From where we’re at

Nice meal with people from Ottawa

Walk and talk

Four am police presence

Required to settle something

Loud on the street

Live messenger chat with the girls

Notice not one wake up during the nights

Three nights running

Saw the guys aura

At the contemporary church service

Around pastor’s head

Green – I wanted out

Walked by the Trump Hotel

Before our afternoon snooze

Mailed a postcard to the girls

I’ve seen enough shops to last a lifetime

And then we went to the Al Moana Shopping Centre

Then the Marina of a Thousand Boats

Only twelve on the ocean

Three-hour walk

Ended with a beer

Beach park of the locals

Fishing off shore

Beautiful beaches

Two officers killed; one injured

Two women missing

Four houses burned to the ground

Happened on a Sunday morning

Quiet residential area

Suspect dead who called 911

Over fifty times in previous year

Watching Australian tennis open every night

Big time rain there helping end the fires


Relaxing morning

Catch Martin Luther King parade

Gymnasts, dancers, drummers

Majority are black men

Masonic and Hari Krishna floats

We walk for hours

Downtown Honolulu

Foster’s Botanical Gardens

One hundred fifty-year-old trees

Walked Pier 12 – 1

We see the garbage in the water

By the million dollar boats

Then the auto mall

Bob shows me Corvette he’d like

Sit and have a beer

At Waikiki Brewing Company

Bob has broke his fast

Take our first selfie

Gone nine to three with three sit downs

Enjoyable day

Four pm happy hour

Incredible music heard from our room

Cashew nut and coconut chicken


Tuesday morning

Not a cloud in the sky

Sitting under the palm trees

White dove fly bys

Sun and sand

Near fall asleep

Watch little ones like a three-year-old

Way out with dad on a surfboard

White rolling waves

Surfers up riding the high waves

Eight paddlers in a long boat

Paddle boarders stay up the longest

How they don’t collide with each other is beyond me

Our walks enjoyable

He does not match

Footsteps to mine

As I do

We discuss car colors to buy

Not brown; red or black and why

Ones to rent all over

ABC stores on every corner

Smoke now gone

From the mass shooting

New count seven houses

Burned to the ground

One deranged man dead

Two women missing

Assumed dead

Back at our kitchenette

Eat our leftovers

Make lemon ginger tea

Haven’t seen recycling

Woner where garbage goes

U.S. by barge?

Another beach afternoon

What’s still on our bucket list discussion

New Zealand? Norway?

Scotlalnd needs to happen soon

Glad we did Cambodia, Vietnam

The challenges that have taken place

In our world in our lifetime!

Wednesday Jan 22, 2020

Bus all day $11.00 for both of us

Ride in the country

Not what I imagined

High, high mountains

Thick, thick rainforest

Straight up trees

Off the top of mountains

Town lawns cut right to the ground

Evergreen upward facing leaves

Like Australia

Houses built over water’s edge

Tree leaves six-ten inch diameter

Construction stops the bus three times

Two hours at thirty-five mph

Bob says, “this is painful”

Restful for me

Air conditioning didn’t even bug me

Had a second top

Closer to the sea

Than figured we’d be

Loved the market garden

School yards, tree farms

Rice paddies, skate parks

Fishermen, Chinaman’s Hat

Breakers along the North Shore

Smells like pineapple

Gas $3.61 here; $2.45 in Arizona

Wind farm with only one moving

National Wildlife Refuge

Farm raised shrimp

Deluxe Golf Course

Turtle Bay Resort

Blue Stop Signs

Vacation homes one after another

Huge Surf at Pipeline

Mist from the road to the mountains

Beachfront Café

Clam Chowder Soup

Guacamole and Chipote

Chicken Sandwiches

Took a different bus

By mistake

Through middle of O’Ahu

Farmland, pineapples

Stick orchards???

Are Coffee plants in three stages

Fields with tree windbreaks

Huge orange flowering trees

Tall grasses high as bus

In ditches we’re driving by

Hard to see the fields

Tractor tilling the soil

Red dirt and dozens of egrets

Dole Plantation

U.S. Naval Base

Navigation and radar

A sign says

Schofield Barracks

We drive by

Landscape similar

To Costa Rica jungle

Drive in to own of Wahiawa

See the familiar

Payless Shoe store, Pizza Hut

7-11, Subway

Yellow school buses

Red stop signs; lights

Hit the freeway

Sixteen miles to Honolulu

Four lanes of traffic

Transfer to Wakiki Beach Hotels bus

Walk the beach

Shower and out for the evening

First glass of wine since last week

Beef dip and finish our night

With a walk and ice cream

Watch the news

Thirty-foot breakers were what we were seeing

On the North Shore earlier today

Neither of us slept well

Thursday; been here a week

Another cloudless day

Eighty some degrees


Out of Raisin Bran

Get more water


Lay on the Beach day

Hal- hour talk with girls

They are getting our mail

Reading a new book

Bob started, “The Enlightened Golfer”

Twenty-five sailboats as sunsets

Over the ocean

Bob is hat shopping

Walk by the canal

See the fish

Mexican meal

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Happy 72nd Birthday Bob

Half hour to write a letter to girls

Do dishes

Check bus schedules re airport

Bob has become a birder

Showing me the fuzzy baby being fed

I learned to sleep in

We now own a flower calendar

Free as we spent $100.00 at

ABC monopoly of stores

Last beach day

Wind comes up

Took our umbrella

Nearly hit a woman

First and only issue

Pad Thai Lunch

After one hour Army Museum

Girls sang Happy Birthday; counting

Are you 1; are you 2

They made it to thirty

Watching fifteen-year-old Guaf play tennis

Reading my third book

Packed and organized

Night out by the sea

Mai tai desert


Sunday 8:30 a.m.

$5.50 bus for both of us to airport

Bus is hybrid

Shuts off at stops

License plates on cars

Hawaii Aloha State

With rainbow through the numbers

Leaving 28 degrees for 19 in Az.

Minus six in Saskatoon

Raining there yesterday

Relearn to put a picture on fb

To thank people re birthday wishes

Different feeling going back to airport

Compared to unfamiliar of arriving

First airport in world that has

Free sanitary napkins available for women

Walk outside to our gate similar to some places

“Can’t smell the flowers like forty years ago,” says Bob

No papers or books laying on airport

Lounge seats like years ago

Leaving on time

Mahalu must mean Thank You

As repeated over and over by staff and pilot

Rum punch and snack mix

Handed out just before we land

Nice touch

A great holiday

And our friends are in the building

Picking us up

How nice is that!


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