78. Changing Places

          This, a ten-minute timed writing story assignment from 2012 about changing places for a day with my son; shared for enjoyment.

          I am awake; hitting the snooze of the alarm; not wanting to get out of bed. It would be so easy to just lay here but I know how long it takes to shave.

          I love the shower. I could stand here for a long time but I don’t as I don’t believe in wasting water. I do spend the time it takes to look as good as I can. My shirt was freshly ironed and doesn’t need touching up. I am glad my partner showed me how to tie this thing.

          I tell him how much I appreciate he made lunch for me as looking forward to the sandwich from last night’s leftovers. We talk about what we’ll have for supper as I down a bowl of cereal.

          He needs the car so is dropping me at work. There is a management meeting I have to attend at eleven but I have three hours to have my reports in order.

I’m a little stressed. Actually, I am quite anxious about the time and amount of things that have to be done. I would like to get my anxiety in check.

          I run around the store’s section. I am in charge of checking what happened during the night. I constantly review with co-workers what’s been done and what’s needing done.

          At break and lunch, I check emails by phone as my social life is full at the moment. I have a potluck coming; just finished one. The last one was a heritage ethnic potluck so was easy to decide what to take. This one, I’m surrounded by food at the store and not sure what to take but know I can count on my partner. He will have it figured out in no time being a master in the cooking department.

          The afternoon goes fast as I put into practice what was discussed at the management meeting.

          I am picked up after work and we head to meet friends for a quick bite to eat before the movies. I hope it’s a good one.


—-Ellen Sagh

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