10. Summer Revisited

Highway 17 South

Field of Peas

Lots of bush

Oil tanks and pumpers

Trapshooting range

A tree farm

Range of Hills to the Well

Oil country

Looks like Texas

Mud riddled highway

First summer fallow seen

Horses; appaloosas’

Battle River Valley

Wild flower countryside

Rich looking crops

Hawk or owl?

Wild country

Good roads amazing

Till hubby says,

“Any place there’s oil,

you can’t bitch about the roads.”

Sloughs as high as fence posts

Bush and rolling land

Cattle Country

Old Fashioned Farmyards

Close together

Windmills on Dugouts

And sloughs

Cattle gates

Prairie trails

Well fed hawks

Now no farmyards

Black Angus cattle

Small town

A railway avenue

A main street called Broad Street

Places for sale

A cattle trailer for a moving van

Next town Cutknife

World’s largest tomahawk

Treed Streets


Hollyhocks by the front door

Majestic poplars

Line the way

In and out of town

Yellow Canola surrounds

First nations reserves

Further out

1909 school cairn

In the ditch



Carraghanas pushed into a pile

Clearing land again

Well tended farms

Flat land

Next town Unity

Bigger than we figured

Sifto salt plant

Buffalo farm

Lots of little ones

Cowboy country

Another town Wilke


Ducks haven

A stone barn

Outlived it’s usefulness

A town called Biggar

Weather for ice cream

Sandra Schmirler Centennial Park

Walk around

See a McLeod’s Store

Four way stop he didn’t see

Said he was paying attention to me

Looking at the Golf Course

And prairie malt

Barley turning yellow

Perdue Oasis

A few golf carts; no rv’s

Years ahead of it’s time?

Elevator sign

Entrance to their town

Side of the highway

Sunflowers wave

All our way


– 27 July 2014 –


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