Mexico 2005

While On My Trip To Mexico


here, I love it, it’s beautiful, Incredible view; like part of the
rich and famous.  On this lounger overlooking the ocean; Palm trees,
greenery, pink beaugenvillia; thatched roof to my right; but mostly
incredible ocean view; cruise ship in the distance; panoramic view;
birds like pelicans.  Huge balcony; Table and chairs on the other
side, this place must be over 1000 sq feet; really big bedrooms; king
size bed; all the ceramic tile; quality workmanship; everything
really nice; really clean; temperature same inside and out; last
night probably 20 ; now about 25 with gentle ocean breeze.

so feel like I deserve this after I have worked so hard. On the other
side is the most beautiful pool; that blue like the ocean; flowers
and deluxe lounging chairs; so glad they had coffee and the water
here for us; wet facecloths when we were met at the airport.  Went
through about 10 lineups at different airports to get here but all
went well.

something topic of discussion with guy from California from LA to
LaPaz.  We covered so many topics; he was really interesting to talk
to; and exactly what I needed to debrief all that’s been happening
– an intelligent, caring, aware, sensitive, conscious on a world
level – talked about environmental concerns, water shortages,
Canada’s perceptions of US and the war in Iraq; political scams
here and there; disillusionment in the US with Bush; his Saskatchewan
connections; and wouldn’t you know it; he brings up the scandals
just breaking around him; is it the same in Canada as in United
States he asks- Catholic church cover up with sexual abuse; was glad
I was able to talk about it; as in the past; he was interested in
what can be done to increase awareness; promote change; he shared
much of his life; death of his wife at 36 with a 5 year old boy; his
new wife 5 years later and raising her children; her job and
similarities to mine; her at WCB in the U.S., paying benefits and how
it is state run; and how it went from liberal overpaying on claims to
restricting the rights of the claimants.

morning walked to the store; quite a difference to get pesos figured
out in my mind; glad they had orientation to this city of 400,000 and
to our home for the week.  Told to buy water; use only bottled; even
for brushing teeth; explanation of the tours offered.  We’ll get
groceries today and take part tonight in the last of the procession
performances to do with the Day of the Dead.  Water in the ocean is
79 degrees.

morning church bells ringing; dogs run loose; the tide gone out;
incredible shells; families on the malecon; which is like a three
times as wide Meewasin trail along the oceon ; with lots of benches;
a place to stroll; meet your friends; trampoline set up on the sand;
music; balloon making guy; the bicycle vendors.   Penny, my host is
transforming a pineapple.

beautiful; 10 day forecast 89 degrees and sunny; pelicans; turkey
vultures circling; look in the water and it’s a tropical sea
aquarium.  Sunday morning at the marina – Penny knows how to meet
men! The sailing ships – the cabinetry; solid varnished wood; men
dressed totally in white.   I’m watching the tropical fish jumping
out of the water; the boys fishing with a pop bottle, fishing line,
spark plug and live bait; small glass of pineapple juice about 15
pesos; about $1.80 Canadian. Ruth, my other roommate, bought a large
Culligan type water jug for our place.

did a ½ hour walk through residential; like mansion; then shack;
most uneven type sidewalks; crumbling one minute and ornate, ceramic
tile design or round stones buried within the concrete next.
Rooster crowing. Surprised the amount of dogs unleashed on their own;
don’t bother anyone. Walk by a military hospital; a Spanish
language school; fruit trees galore, flowers of every color;
hibiscus; bird of paradise; cacti; saguero; all green; grapefruit
overhanging the pool.    Marcus Antonio, the neighbor, gets to know
us as we help catch his white poodle, Ditta.

is a master chef; boiling chicken for chicken chow mein tonight; have
to go get some vino.  I like it here; I’m singing a lot. Picked
shells on my walk last night. Forgot to write about the little kids
dancing; maybe 6-7 years old; girls with hair done on top of their
heads with roses in their hair and long skirts; dancing with young
boys with cowboy hats; going round and round a circle.  Penny knows
her fish; how to cook then too; monteray; elderado – don’t know how
to spell either but good.

of La Paz – place of peace. Tour was to be 3 hours; the guy brought
us back after 4 ½.  What did I learn? 435 years ago discovered by
missionaries; Agave plant makes the tequila; lots of land now being
sold for mansions, condos; times shares; US $$$ coming in; Discussion
on how many times US tried to take over Mexico.   Certain old
families control the economy of the city; no one owns the beach, low
income housing – sometimes 10 families per building; nothing looks
finished; rebar sticking out; clothes hanging all over; but mainly a
clean, quiet city – ALTO is the stop sign but no one stops; the
saying is- Yes, You’re first but after me. 

the Potter; and the Weaver of 5 generations; made all his machines;
bought a Puffer fish for Brett.   Kindergarten  goes from 9am -12;
Elementary 8 – 1 and high school 7 am – 2 pm. New three bedroom; like
a townhouse – $92000 US.  If I had to go to a hospital for minor
something cost me about $5.00 US to see a Dr and $5.00 US for
medicine. – 32 states in Mexico.

a ½ a block to sip our coffee at the ocean’s edge; glint of silver
as fish jump; pelican glides past; dolphins play out by the buoys. I
gather shells. Maid service; even for dishes.  Afternoon naps
restore. Penny can swim. The pool is glorious.  Deep sea diving
lessons going on at other end of the pool.  Go for a walk – 2 people
with whiplash collars  on go by in 15 minutes.  Truck goes by with
loudspeaker blaring about a sale.  Rooster, hen and peacocks in
someone’s  front yard. 

am – the serious walkers are out on the malecon. I find the biggest
clamshell.  Workmen are restuccoing a house.  Going to the beach
today. Cruise ship as large as a 6 story hotel is way out on the
ocean this morning.   Real estate shopping. Colorful storefronts.  A
trip to Beaches 7, 8 & 9.  Past their Golden Gate Bridge; Chinese
Wall; the 1000 passenger – 25 car California Baja Sur Ferry which is
actually the cruise ship I saw this morning. It would take 6-7 hours
on this Ferry or a 2 day drive to get to the Mainland; which would be
Mazatlan.  Stayed the day at Tecolate beach  – peaceful, quiet,
relaxing; turquoise, aquamarine, sea foam green to the deepest blue
as we look out to Espirit de Santo Island.  Baked stuffed clam in the
shell for lunch.  Stopped at the shrimp farm; can grow shrimp in a
metre of water. See white egrets, a heron; the winding mountain
roads; desert like scene; reminds me of  Arizona. 

the way home, to the liquor store.  Alma, awoman who works at the
condo makes margueritas for us.  I fall down the stairs.   Painful.
New kind of shells. Soft yellows.  Ruth is so enjoying the ocean
view.  Could sit here all day.  Read 2 ½ books. Bought a dress made
here. The maid here gets $15.00 a day US.  If she worked centre of
town hotel; it’d be $5.00 a day US.  Penny & Ruth off to get
lime squeezer for Margueritas.  Another, thought I saw a whale,
moment. This time both of them thought so too for at least a ½ an
hour.   Time to pack is coming.  Nice looking guy here; see him on
the last day.  Had a great talk with the woman at reception.  La Paz
used to be a free port with ships from all over the world; all the
best;  Swiss watches, French perfumes; her grandfather harvested the
pearls right here from the Sea of Cortez; and how that ended with the
free trade agreement; economy died; went from well off to poverty for
most.  I guess I have to go home now.




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