150. Wearing my Runners

     I think you all know I hate shopping. I have all I need and usually when something is worn out and needing replacing, it has appeared.

     I know before we left last spring, my husband needed a pair of runners.  He asked if I’d come along and I did. It was a two for one sale and I was able to get a pair for me really fast and it seemed like for nothing.

      As we were driving home, we stopped for gas as we crossed Montana. I went for a quick walk to stretch my legs. Lo and behold, right in my path was a second-hand store with the same brand of runners. Brand new. Never been worn. $1.00. I gave more than that in support of a charity.

       I was so excited. The first time I wore them for tennis at home, they worked perfectly. I came home that day, stepped in the door and used one foot to pry off my runner with the other foot.

       Part of the sole came off. Well, I glue gunned it! I wore them the rest of the summer and they worked terrific.  I brought them down here.

        The 100-degree heat had the glue melting so I have a bit of the sole coming apart. I was wearing them this morning but am debating how safe they are.  If anyone has a glue gun, I’d like to borrow it.  The colder weather will hold the glue and I can continue having my feet covered in the buy of the year!

       CODA: A writing group member lent me her glue gun and I am wearing those runners with a smile. Thank you.

                                                        December 5, 2016 – Ten Minute Writing –


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