158. Encouraged

     Attending my first ever editing session encouraged me to rewrite last week’s ten-minute writing.  Gratitude to the groups membership for the supportive atmosphere felt. It is now 106 of 356 original words,

Here goes:                                                       A KNOCKING

                                                        There’s a knocking and no one’s home

                                                        Not true. I am. Too tired to hear.

                                                        Creative me has been put aside

                                                        Life’s happenings overdue

                                                        I’d sleep but choir’s an hour from now

                                                        Project ideas await final touches

                                                        Birthday song needs finishing

                                                        The ninth scorekeeper eludes

                                                        Regrouping required

                                                        After four big tennis finals

                                                        Now more commitments

                                                        Medal play ahead

                                                        Church singing a big deal and yet not

                                                        Saturday band comforting

                                                        Like home made bread and butter

                                                        Wonderful connection with my daughter

                                                        Till she tells me she and my two-year-old

                                                        Granddaughter may be living

                                                        Ten hours away come April.

                                                        That took the stuffing out of me.

                                                                        March 6, 2017


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