86. Resolution

Changing, Changing
Life is Rearranging
I am glad I am here.

My partner and I talked about what we might do when we retired but it was something that seemed far into the future. It came faster than expected. All of a sudden, summer of 2010 his business sold. His retirement was imminent.
I asked my company if I might be able to have a six month job share. I told them I found a co-worker who wanted the summer off and I would have the winter off. It did not go over well. I tried to fit the idea into our collective bargaining agreement. No Go.
I then requested a leave of absence for January to April. I was so sure it would be a go, I bought a plane ticket from Saskatoon to Phoenix for January 1, 2011. It was turned down.
My partner and I had purchased our park model in Mesa last year. He was ready to come.
I remembered a young woman with small children who had approached me about having a job share of one week on and one week. off. I could not see that as viable.  I contemplated a calendar and went back to her with the idea of two weeks on and two weeks off.
She agreed. My company agreed. I’m here on my first two weeks off; will be back at work the next two week and see you again on January 31, 2011.
-January 10, 2011-

—-Ellen Sagh

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