1. I Am Out (wiseoneons)

Little Puppy Paddling Away


Having Money A Great Equalizer

Silence is a Response

Walk in the Wind: Wise One Ahead

Ready to Roar Like A Duck

Free to BE ME taking others’ needs into consideration

Living Free with Others

Can Run Wild caring for self and others

Being Kind

Laugh and Cry; Be ok with either

We Are The Change


Every Moment A New Beginning

When Women Stand Up I Shall Listen

Cracking Open; Time To Receive

Step In To The Pool Of Love

Gremlins Here Laughing: So old Before They Go

Rising Slowly

Baby Tiger Here

Coming Together

Next Stage of Creating

Living From A Place of Acceptance

Wisdom Out There For Everyone in Their Every Moment

Clawing My Way to Top of This Mountain

Wise One Attending

We All Come From One

Becoming One

Standing Strong

I Am Out

All A Blurr Feeling; This Moment Beautiful

Getting Ready to Merge

Crying Giraffe

Captured Essence: Wise One Watching

Change is Constant

Living from Source

Heartful; Speaking the Deep

Pockets of Disturbance, Some More Obtuse

Others Deep on Left Side, Others Merging with Right

The Beauty of the Land in My Every Moment

Truly Great

Our Natural World

Coming Through; Light Inside

Riches Inside

All Connected

It’s All Here

May 16, 2020 – August 5, 2020


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