May Long Weekend Drive 2015

To a North East Saskatchewan Farm

Zero degrees with a wind chill

Wind pushing car

Green grass and green trees in city

Black dirt out

New Construction soon

Old stubble full of plastic bags

Saskatoon expanded north

A biker heads into the wind

Ducks, geese, hawk go the other way

Three garage acreages have increased

Trucks in a hurry

Smell of anhydrous ammonia

Assails our nostrils

Strong! Lots of water around

More water than we’ve seen

Wrecking road and trees

Seeded summer fallow

Black dirt, black birds, old cattails

No boats on Wakaw Lake

Colder here

Less green all the time

Dark evergreens stand out

Railway bridge still there

Gold stubble flat lands

Green dugout; a windmill

Snow geese migration

Former flood plain drained

Melfort fields

Plastic bags sit

Pastures, fences, bridges, slough

Evergreened yards, white and grey bins

Lots of seeding to be done

Maple trees orangy brown

Poplars, pussy willow’s past

German, Hungarian, Scotch and Dutch

Ukrainian, English, French and such

Made this look as it does today

Seed farms, inland terminal

Tisdale airport

New and used farm equipment

Mall is gone, a new Co-op

3 murders, 3 suicides in last month

Definatly on my mind

Got gas; golf course eatery too cold

2 above; “bloody awful,” says Bob.

New campground, a burned motel

Soup and salad we have in cafe

Old neighbour visits over his

Ham, sausage, bacon and pizza buffet

Talk of calving, neighbours, butchering some

Off we head to see the land

Bottoming out on the dirt road

Few birds – knocked down yard sites

Creek and a green headed mallard

4 crows, 1 hawk; swallow type birds

Tractor, heavy harrows, no brothers

Low tire signal, head for the shop

Bob has dirt on his hands, away we go

A mirage in the south

Is it heat, water, smoke?

Find brother Bill

I ask about machinery we saw

A million dollar outfit

Track Tractor, air seeder, two tanks

45 minute visit in the car

On to the bin yard

Catch up with brother Buck

Head for cousin’s honey farm

Quiet yard, dog dish, no one home

Storage sheds for 45 gallon drums.

Now selling the bees

First magpie as head for the highway

Sunshine all day in car

Tea and talk with sister in law

A new way home

Past research farm, gravel pits

Geese in the field

A car killed a dog here about

A long time ago

More bush than I remember

Silver Park

All coloured cattle herds

Fenced in sheep

Tractor feeds round bales

Further south we go

Greener it’s getting

No one moving Sunday night

No traffic

Not night; 6 pm

Saw 7 horses today

Someone took train station

Parked it by a slough

Whitecaps on this now lake

No sign where 3 boys killed last week

Tire man looks small

Surprised no wildlife

Harrowing before seeding

Watson Auction Mart forever closed?

Stones, unbroken land

Touchstones of my past

In touch with present

Text to connect

Humboldt hospital visit

Fill up our bodies

Drive into the sun

Way greener here

Water damaged roads

Evening light, blue water

Green fields, grazing geese

Most traffic we’ve seen

Narrowest road

Highway 5

Top of every hill

See water

Lots of pavement used

Repairing roads

Now a sunset

Glowing orange ball

Yellow without sunglasses

Sinking in a cloudless sky

Trees reflected in water

Back to row housing

City Limit Sign


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