32. Best Moment of the Week

Volunteering at St. Paul’s Hospital
Playing piano
Singing for first time
Man my age; curly white hair;
Dressing gown carrying tube and a bag
Says loves my singing
Stood with back against wall watching me
As I sing Carolyn McDade’s “Serenity”
I think of my dad’s Folly A Ho Song
I ask what songs he likes
He said the old ones
I say will play him the above
I start and he sings
People clap
I didn’t know there were words
He sings it again
I write it down and we sing together
“Free as the breeze
I can wander at ease
All across the wide countryside
Never a care
Can my nature impair
I am happy
Whatever be tide
That’s the life of a gypsy free
Filled with laughter and melody
Oh for the life of a gypsy free
For the life of a gypsy free. ”
He said hasn’t sung that since
Learning in grade five
Tube just out of his throat
Shocked he could sing
Going home tomorrow
Said will sing all the way home.
Thank you guy from north of PA.
June 2019


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