Saskatoon To Mesa – November 2012


Got lost trying to get out of Saskatoon. 4” of snow. Salted roads after the ice/rain last nite. -2 degrees. Roads are much better than expected.

We had our annual will and estate talk; should have been done weeks ago. Southern Plains caught up to the migrating geese. At Swift Current found the # 1 and a bald headed eagle did a fly by; dipped it’s wings. Oil wells in production. Saw the biggest eagle’s nest I ever saw. Roads are just fine and then see a mangled semi-truck on it’s side in the ditch from last night. Looks bizarre. Cattle country where the deer and the antelope play.

Discussion on what lifts your spirits and then to the practice of farming as a business. Next morning lights from a chicken factory look like the sunrise through the fog as we go west from Medicine Hat to Lethbridge. You’ve heard the expression fog like pea soup! This was it. Once we can see again, see a donkey protecting the cows in the massive feedlots. A pleasure to see the road again and the golden fields as the sun burns off the fog.

Through the border with a not so friendly guard but he did not ask to go through our stuff. My directions are turned around from the fog and as if driving straight north. Up to 13 degrees by noon. Sunshine feels good. Every 2 hours I do my stretching from head to foot. 2 hours fly by. Bob & I review the recent civic election; the city’s strategic plan for managed growth in the inner city and outer suburbs; what that could entail. Go through the Big Belt Mountains and Tower Rock State Park. Scenic views. 5th wheel on the side of the road; missing one wheel. Beautiful log cabin type homes along the river in Montana; man standing in the river fly fishing.

Helena; do see snow on the mountain tops; sunshine as well. Pristine drive; no garbage; just mountains, valleys, forests. At Bute and the Continental Divide see patchwork quilt like open pit mining on the mountainside; yellow, orange; blue grey rocks in layers. We were waiting to get to Dillon to get gas so I said, “|I’ll read you something.” It was about which aboriginals pay tax where and our debate has us missing Dillon. Had to turn around and go back. Neither of us are sure of the answer.

Idaho Falls. Pink sunset. Hotel, Food and Bed is the plan. Bob had 1/2 rack of ribs; I had a cashew, shrimp salad with a few green onions and a creamy garlic dressing. Makes my mouth water thinking about it again. (those who write live twice they say). I also had chicken oscar; a blackened chicken with artichokes, mushrooms, beuromayonaise and bergundy sauce. I shared with Bob though. A good day, a good meal.

Sunday morning; too early to go through the Potato or Tribal Museum. Light coming over the mountains at Blackfoot, Idaho. We are back into fall with golden trees. Stop in at a gas station in Utah. The women attendant gets $7.00 an hour; came from Alberta to work here but said price of milk is higher in Alberta too. Amazing amount of power lines and power grids outside of Salt Lake City. A beautiful fall day; greens and golds and reds. So many trees.


We discuss the advertisements that don’t make sense:

  • After Meth – I used to have a daughter; Now I have a prostitute.
Would you not say, Now I have a daughter who is prostituting?
  • Grandpa is pretending he found a quarter in his grandson’s ear. Then his granddaughter musses her brother’s hair; saying “lets find some more” and out falls money and a watch. Need State Insurance it asks?
  • Sign says, “Stop underarm Sweat. Call for Lazer treatment.
  • Utah Budget – 1 Billion – who will manage it?
  • North American Museum of Ancient Life
  • ER Wait time – 13 minutes
  • Indoor Shooting Range: Open 7 days a week
  • Billboard: Man & Woman holding hands: Enduring Passion with a Sanctified Marriage
  • Brand New Condos -3bdrms/2baths $119,000.
  • Honey It’s worth the wait; Eat some peanuts – tells me restaurant is 40 min down the road.


And so we drive; refineries after refineries. Sunday morning and the 4 lane freeways are empty. All must be in the many Mormon churches we see. Go past the State Prison; this year the women are outside walking around, playing volleyball. All in white. We used to see men in pink outfits. We see blocks and blocks of storage. Do people have too much stuff?

1st orchards; pretty fall leaves. Glorious! Good roads. Lots and lots of new house construction all along the way so not everyone is suffering a bad economy. Did a “My life review history of my last 20 years out loud to Bob; telling him I write to catch up to my life. We finished 5 chapters of the book “Skipping Christmas” prior to stopping at a Flying J for gas and a taco at Beaver, Utah.

The Wallmart Distribution Centre is so large it makes the 1000’s of Semis in its parking lot look like little toy trucks. Now thru Mesquite ; left the Interstate to head through the Grand Canyon Parashant Area to Lake Mead; see the 1st Romney/Ryan sign 2 days before the election. We are enjoying the scenery. Mountains far off in the distance; all of a sudden red rock formations; then mesas; then scrub brush desert. “Pretty Wild,” says Bob.

Mogul rock formations that look like mined or something but too many of them; so must be natural. Flash flood areas, then deep canyons appear. It’s 28 degrees. Red stone like giant clumps of staligmite; then gone and pure black lava rocks; about size of a soup bowl; thousands of them on top of the red rock and the hillsides.

Boulder City; we pay for a motel room; where sign says “More nice rooms in the backside.” Jacuzzi suite and all but we could not stay. Extended stays concerned me and the pillow that looked slept on. Money back and found a nicer one. On TV it says 38000 kids in Nevada have heart defects.

My poem of the morning:


Finding my Centre

Inside and Out

Living in Love

Around and About


We do like travelling together. “Haven’t had too many spats,” says Bob.

We’re 10 minutes out of Las Vegas, air is warm, skies are blue, mountains and sunshine, crossing the new bridge of the Hoover Dam. Margueritas and Mexican food last night.

At home it takes $70. to gas up. Here $50. Back in my flip flops this morning. Palm trees and desert cacti. Not even noon and it’s 26 degrees. See first saquaros. Relaxing drive. 3000 km. The 3 days flew. Home. 33 degrees inside and out until we get the air conditioner on.

Unloaded the vehicle,put light clothes on; went to the office; paid out lot rent; phone is hooked up; put the bank draft in the bank we use; $300. groceries & guess what else; back home; paid our golf fees; batteries in the smoke alarms; phones and thermostat; made supper; sat and had a drink looking at the stars.

The caretaker had folded up the dust blankets; not a lot of dust on anything. He had washed it down outside. All is well.

Great sleep.

1st thing in the morning, Bob says,”We forgot lemons and limes; would like to make a marguerita; practice that again.”

I say, “I have to write that down; You saying that, first thing in the morning!”

“Just thinking of you, dear.”


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