115. Ten Minute Writing

(to use the word giant)

I am leaving here today not knowing what to write

It doesn’t matter, people will listen even if I am not right.

They will see me this Saturday when I take my giant leap

There may be some people at my concert who have never heard me sing.

I am okay with however it is; what will be will be

I have practiced, I am ready, I am happy I can sing.

I’m unsure if I will ever do another concert call

I have done what I have wanted and think it’ll help me stand tall

I can sleep easy knowing I am meeting my goal

I want for others the fun I am having when I get on a roll

They create as I do they will softly say

They meet their interests, enjoy themselves in their own way

I’m so glad I am part of this wonderful bunch

We get to party, have dinner instead of lunch

This ten-minutes better be over soon as soon can be

I’ve run out of words and have no harmony

A year of fun and singing too; I’ve grown by knowing you

My first year of retirement, like a bird it has flew

Did you forgot your phone I think ten minutes have gone by

I can come up with the words and I don’t have to try

I am glad other people look like they are done

It’s time for me out of here and go sit in the sun

Actually, I am headed now to golf my heart out

Enjoy today, this moment too, from the inside out.


( I sang the song below the same day I wrote the above poem and sang it to the tune of Irene Goodnight)

Goodbye Writers Goodbye

Writers Goodbye

Goodbye Writers, Goodbye Writers

I’ll see you in the fall.

We’ve travelled a distance together

Together we’ve covered the miles

We’ve laughed and we’ve cried

We’ve shared our lives

I am thankful for it all.

     March 16, 2015


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