99. A Blue Ribbon

TEN MINUTE WRITING  based on words, “If I Were To Win A Blue Ribbon”.


       A blue ribbon in my life would have represented coming in second place. In our schools, camps or 4-H classes, red ribbons were for first; second place received blue and third received white.

         I know I received white many times to do with racing or jumping and I may have received the red first place ribbon for throwing events such as ball throw which then translated into shot put, javelin and discus.

         To date, the blue ribbon has eluded me. If I were to win one, it might be for a piece of writing. It could even be for a book. It might be for a song.

            I would like it to be for the way I have lived my life.


A Song That Came In to My Head During This Ten-Minute Exercise (music and all)


I will sing of peace and harmony

And what it’s like to be me

I will sing with lots of gratitude

With the light of the truth.


Thanking those who’ve helped me through

That includes each and every one of you

Being in such great company

Your listening helps me to be free.

                                                 February 3, 2014

—-Ellen Sagh

summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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