145. Life in November

– update family and close friends

-we both golf and league tennis.

-Today ends his three-year board member term with golf club in Saskatchewan

-our ways of communicating are skype & phone with daughter and granddaughter, mostly phone with grandson, email with son and his partner; email with friends and family of origin; or phone.

– I short and long walk, bike, pickle ball, patio band, sing, play piano.

– He goes to gym, reads, watches hockey; stays in touch with world events; his cousins.

– I’m still celebrating and I guess it’s like volunteering re book; sending out e-bookmarks/posters to organizations re Ending Abuse.

– we are part of many happy hours, suppers, barbeques due to golf, tennis, friends & now sister and her husband live here as well.

– still into writing stories; editing ones from the past, writing ones in present & part of a writing club.

– tennis tournament coming up this Saturday for Bob and I.

– THE BEST – My daughter and granddaughter will be here a week Wednesday and we have family and friends to hear from and send once or twice a year updates; thankful all part of our lives.

POST NOTE (a PS?) – saw two rosy-cheeked love birds on my way to choir in church; forgot to even mention all those things which takes me back to every moment is big for me and every moment is church…….

                                                        November 2016


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