174. Childhood Memories

Kick the can

Pump Pump pull a way

Anti I Over

Tramping the cow paths

Laying in the grass

Running free

Making rivers in the spring

Playing house in the bush

Making a tent with the table

Making music with pots and pans

Trying for rain

Hot dry summers

Skating on the dugout

A hole for the cows

Piling into the station wagon

On our way to church

A fire has escaped the burning barrel

House and yard at stake

Dad in his blue suit

Pounding the flames

And he does

And the suit escapes unscathed

I didn’t

As my body remembers

Childhood abuse

And I nearly didn’t come today

Who wants to talk about it

Choose happy it says

On a sign at the golf course

I’m nearly done writing

Next year I may choose Monday birding

Glad my mom and dad were so there for each other

For me and all nine of my brothers and sisters

As best they could

That I can speak my truth

Let out the agony

A little bit at a time

Balance out those childhood memories

Sharing the great and not so great

Thanks for listening.                                                       January 21, 2019


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