113. Opening a Business

        My niece sent a text the other day.  I was hoping she was going to tell me she was coming to visit.  She was letting me know she has opened a business.  She is selling products for a home spa.

      She suggested the use of the products would make me feel better.  A website was an attachment or a link as part of the text so she obviously is more computer savvy than I am.  I am unsure that I would know how to link one website to another.

      I believe she will use the internet, texting by phone and email as ways to make her business viable.

      It is a way to have a world wide business. She can contact her many friends and relatives from around the world as she has spent time overseas studying international marketing or business.

      I did not persue the link.  I will let her know I received it if I have time.  I find it easier to ignore a text, an email or a non-personal contact than if someone is face to face or makes a phone call.

       I do believe all these world wide business endeavors through the web has changed our communities and ways of doing business.  Young people are much more informed.  They know how to research.  They have choices and will let people know where they are coming from.  Many people need nothing but a phone and have a viable business. They only need a product that people want.

      I do know a gentleman my age who began selling a product on a website in Saskatchewan. As the business kept quadrupling, my nephew became a partner in the business.

      Our nephew has more money in his thirties than I will probably ever have due to computer marketing skills and a product that was needed.

NOTE: Connections help as in who you know; personality and lots more go into making a business viable.

                                             November 9, 2015 – Ten Minute Writing –


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