48. An Unwrapped Gift



There were several in my luggage this time. I was satisfied with what I was bringing. I usually have a hard time buying presents at Christmas or for birthdays. I think it’s the deadline. If I can buy something for someone when I see it and am thinking of them; it works fine but Christmas was coming and I did not know what I wanted to give my hubby.

He has all he needs. He has money. He would go buy something if he needed it. He has what he wants too. He’s a satisfied kind of guy.

So, I know it comes down to my figuring out what I want to give him.

He does so well in the present department. We have lived together for four years. The first Christmas he bought me a divine duvet the Hutterites made.  Not only that; but he bought a cover for it that matches the pillow shams and bed skirt I had brought into the relationship.

The next year I received a brand new set of golf clubs. They are so nice.

The next year a Footjoy jacket.  I still love it.

Last year he knew what he wanted to give me. He enlisted my daughter`s help. She made up a flyer and he presented me with the paper saying I could choose a leather jacket of my choice.

The pressure is really high for me. No. We have discussed it and he knows I needed these things and he knows he doesn`t need anything.

I was excited about what I was bringing him in my suitcase. I had found a lovely bow tie as we were going to the New Year`s Eve black and white affair.

I had found him some incense as he likes that. I gave each of the women who attend singing at my house a bar of chocolate that said Divine Chocolate From the Heart so there was one for him too as he listens to me sing.

The Saturday before I came down I sat down and wrote him a fourteen page booklet telling him all the reasons I still love him. I felt like I had done enough.

Later that day I stopped in at his golf and country club pro shop. They had the nicest jacket for sale at seventy per cent off.  Bonus.  It was his!

January 2, 2012 10-minute writing


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