146. Out of Park Walk 

      A yard sale happening. Choose not to go. Go walking. Horses. Bougainvillea. Country Type Yard. Golf course on right. Birds; morning doves, hummingbirds, ladderback woodpecker, grackle. Gravel and cacti landscaping. Rich reds, roses, purple, white and yellow flowering shrubs; dots of color in predominant sandy brown. A dry flood basin. Oranges hanging. Mockingbirds playing. Mistletoe in the Palo Verde tree. Desert wild surrounds multi-generational complex that has “no weapons allowed” sign on door. Found a kid’s zone play area for my granddaughter next week. Ducks in the pond; about twenty-five people enjoying the seventy-degree day fishing. Lovely hour and half walk.

                                                        November 20, 2016


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