65. A Recipe For Thanksgiving

Take time for myself

Sit in the sun

My pen and paper

Think about my life

Write what I’m thankful for

My daughter’s long email

Sitting in the sun

Making love in the middle of the day

How much I love my desert home

Playing piano anytime day or night

My son’s phone visit

I still get to work and see my co-workers, my other home, my other life


Thankful I have the money to live as I do

I have things in my life to look forward to

I’ve dealt with much of the hurts of the past that most days are a joy

I am thankful for all my senses, the health of my body and gifts and talents I have

That I am free to write and express my opinion on all things

That I continue to learn and learn to love

For all I am thankful.

                                                 November 18, 2012

—-Ellen Sagh

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