45. Grad Dress

          On November 7, 2011, I was to complete a ten minute writing about a memorable high school event. What came to mind was graduation and my pink dress.  I guess it would be called a pink gown but because it was home made I guess I’m calling it a dress.

          I was from a high school that did not do the cap and gown.  We did get a diploma.  I was going overseas a month following graduation and I was more into planning for that than for my graduation.

          I had the woman who was sewing long skirts for me to wear in Malaysia make me a pink dress.  It did look nice. 

          The big day!

          A big rain!

          Parents of one of my classmates offered to have pictures of the grads taken at their farm.  There was no pavement.   No real gravel either.  Lots of mud. 

          When my escort opened the car door, my long pink dress went out the door into the wind, the rain and the mud on the car. 

          My classmate’s mom had me standing in her laundry room as she hand washed my dress.  I felt naked but by today’s standards was more than adequately covered.  

          The pictures look beautiful.  I am happy with who I turned out to be.  I’ve heard my escort turned out to be a millionaire.  My classmate’s mom who rescued me and my dress died last year. 

          The woman who sewed my dress became my bridesmaid.  Three weeks ago she told me about finding out she has breast cancer. 

          I don’t know what happened to my pink dress.    


-Ellen Sagh
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