56. My Clock Is Ticking

          My clock is ticking. So is everyone else’s. We only have so much time. Let’s use it wisely. I want to continue to have the wonderful experiences I’m having. I still want to travel and see far away places.

          I need money to do that so I still work. I know there are ways to travel without using a lot of money. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet

          I try to live lightly on this earth not being a big consumer. I don’t spend much money. I have had a full life, and if it was time to go, I’d be ready.

          I can’t see that happening for a long time as my genetics are good. I probably have at least forty years left.

          Back to money. On the news this week, Canada’s prime minister is talking about changing the old age security. Another reason I may need more money.

          Death and taxes is the only sure thing I’ve heard.

          For me, time is the only sure thing. We have only this moment.                       

Jan. 30/12

-Ellen Sagh
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