130. Everything In Its Place

      I am a very organized person even when inside me feels chaotic. I don’t hold a candle to Bob.  He has a belief in everything has a place.  I didn’t know he believed that until I overheard him telling someone where the mustard was to go in the fridge.

      We had lived together at least three years and I had no idea the mustard had a home.  It was a novel concept to me.

      I grew up in chaos.  If it wasn’t attached to a wall, very little had a home.

      When we came to Viewpoint, I had already progressed in life to the belief system of “Less is More”.   I am not a shopper so there is very little decorating.  We bought the bare essentials for our park model home six years ago and everything basically has it’s place.  I get a little carried away with my books and my writing but mostly keep it manageable.

     As my hubby is the most thoughtful person, I attempt to learn where he places things; even in the fridge; which to me seems nearly excessive.

      I must say he enjoys much spare time as he rarely loses anything, he knows where everything is that he needs and he is the best grocery list maker around.

        Imagine our consternation last week when he could not, for the first time since I’ve known him, find his glasses.

         We frantically, no; I frantically wondered if I had done something with them, as he methodically thought through where he’d been; what he’d done. I continued searching while singing “where were Grampa’s glasses?”  and then, they were found!

                                                        February 1, 2016 – Ten Minute Writing –


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