49. A New Year’s

I loved it. The eve and the day. My hubby wore his black bow tie. It was part of his Christmas present I found for fifty cents. His white shirt was a dollar garage sale find one day when I was going for a walk in Saskatoon right after we got the October resort newsletter from Viewpoint saying New Year’s Eve was going to be a gala with live music. They were calling it a Black and White Affair and in brackets from Black Denim to White Diamonds. I knew my honey didn’t own any white shirt.

I knew I was wearing a long black gown. It had teeny straps but goes straight across like a strapless. It’s really comfortable. We went to the orphanage boutique here in the desert which is a second hand fancier place that supports an orphanage. It is a major receiver of donations from the people at this resort and has about seventy children living right there. We went and believe it or not; the day we were there; my sweetheart found a pair of Arnold Palmer, (famous golfer) black shorts and a good, good pair of black pants; both with tags still on. His bill was $6.00. I with four things; a white necklace, white earrings which were little white bows with matching white bracelet and a white flower for my hair had a bill of $1.30 as the woman said it was ten items for $2.00 or something which was so ridiculous and I was trying to offer more. Donations work.

Anyway, it was a roast beef supper. They gave us each a wine glass to take home. There was as much as you could eat shrimp cocktail. We went for cocktails at one couple’s house before it started. The dancing began at 8pm and we didn’t eat till nearly 9:30; but we kept dancing right till then. My hubby dances all night which is really nice.

We danced till 1 am; and the couples we were with; most do too. They change around like they did year’s ago when I played at dances; meaning other people’s husbands will ask other men’s partners to dance.

Anyway, I woke up yesterday morning feeling really good about life; no body pain. I don’t know if you know this but nearly every day, I have body pain. I wonder if it is to do with working in the injury dept; or all to do with my past.

I’ve been down at Viewpoint since December twenty-first and every day had body pain. It was all gone yesterday. The dancing must have got rid of it all.

Anyway, music in my. head when I woke up New Year’s Day, was the song “I’m the happiest girl in the whole USA.” Bob ‘s head wasn’t feeling as good as mine; but he agreed to still go golfing; which I was so looking forward to. We golfed with a couple from Alaska; who now live in Red Deer in summer; and here in winter. I had better golfing than usual. We barbequed. I made a potato salad.

I was sleeping early on the couch last night.

January 2, 2012 -10 min. writing


-Ellen Sagh
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