20. Creating Life

I am on the march again. My January Costa Rica trip is over. The three day birding trip to Sierra Valley and Ramsey Canyon ended with Friday’s rain.
I have had a beautiful four weeks. Much of it was down time; restorative leisure although I did have some great birding moments with iguanas, monkeys and even three crocodiles.
It surprises me that I who am not really a friend of water would get out of my kayak in chest deep water to cool off. It was refreshing. It surprises me I was in a kayak in the first place or that I tried snorkeling and zip lining.
Zipping from one side of a canyon to another with the canyon floor one mile below me was an experience I did not see as I was in the clouds at the top of a rainforest.
I felt the experience for days in my ribs and my stomach muscles as I obviously was holding on for dear life. This is a first and last time experience for my hubby and I, but it was exhilarating and makes me smile thinking of it.
One time I wrote a song with the lines, “ Up in the clouds, is it where I want to be? I can do anything if I try.”
Which brings me to the subject of my march.
When I came to Viewpoint in November I wanted to sing and I took on the project of picking out about a song a week. These were songs that I wrote through the years and now I put music chords to them and as if getting ready to sing them publicly. One of them goes like this:
“ I can do anything I want
You can do anything you want
I can do anything I want
Life is living free.

Living life so aimlessly
Living life as it was meant to be
Listening inside for the seed
And creating whatever I need

I can do anything I want
You can do anything you want
I can do anything I want
Life is living free.”

One morning before Christmas I was here playing and singing; thinking how I want to share these with others. I stepped outside the room, met a tennis friend just leaving the pool who said she wanted to hear my songs.
When I said I’m ready to share, she offered to host a party for me. That is how I came to be marching around Viewpoint this morning handing out invitations to my singing debut.
Creating life!
February 2, 2015


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