138. A Journey Via Train

          When we were to write about a train, I thought I heard, “A Journey Via Train”. In Canada, we have VIA RAIL. It’s our national government run passenger railway system. I have used it once. I would use it again. I love going places. It’s as if I leave responsibility behind.

        I have a sister that lived in Ontario for a time. I lived about a twelve-hour car ride away.  When my four sisters and I decided to visit her, I decided to go five days earlier via train or VIA RAIL. Downside or upside; it left at midnight. I was able to sleep for a few hours which is what happens many nights anyway.

       I was able to watch the Manitoba prairie sunrise from the dome car which is a train car that you can see the sky and the horizon all around. I’m glad I enjoyed the wheat fields, some lakes and pines because it wasn’t long until we were in the Canadian Shield. Rocks, forest, forest, rocks. Did I say rock and forest and forest and rocks? That is actually all I saw the rest of the journey. It went fast.

          I probably had a good book.  No; I probably had a journal.  I like time alone like that. I catch up on where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I’m going. My sister was at the little railway siding; no town; just a drop off point in the Western Ontario bush.  We drove through a magical place close to Lake of the Woods.

         I remember seeing an eagle.  Magnificent views and many more forests and rocks.  My four other sisters arrived and together we six reconnected over lunches, laughter, singing and pajama parties. I think it could have been someone’s birthday but it was the fun and laughter I remember most.

      I’m glad we choose to have these sister getaways and love that we had a train to get me there. The alone time on my way there probably saved my sanity for when we were all together.

                                                        February 29, 2016 – Ten Minute Writing


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