59. Little White Lie

          I’m quite happy to have nothing to write about. I am not in the habit of lying. I do consider myself to be a truthful person.

          As I write the first line, a thought comes to mind when I told an untruth.  I was in a new relationship; the one I am in now; and it was very important to me. I met the woman who is now my sister in law once before and she loaned me a book. A month later we were on our way back to their place and I shared with my sweetheart that I didn’t like the book. I said it was fiction. It was not reality; did not interest me; was not my kind of book.

          Twenty minutes later we were sitting in her kitchen. She asked me, “How did you like the book?”

          “It was great!” came out of my mouth.

          I looked at my honey. My honey looked at me. I didn’t say another word for a long time.

          On the way home, we had a long discussion. I told him how the words had surprised me. I do not usually lie.

          It was me wanting to be liked by her; to be accepted; to be okay. It hasn’t happened since. That I am aware of. I am now more conscious of what comes out of my mouth in new situations. I am more comfortable with and more accepting of who I am.

          I don’t think I need little white lies in my life for any reason.  I prefer honesty in all situations and that all can be really who they are.

                                      Ten Minute Writing 2012

—-Ellen Sagh
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