7. A Day Away

               Idea to drive east into country where I once saw a bluebird migrating through Saskatchewan

Check my emails; friend from Ontario sends song title “I Heard the Bluebird Sing”

               Good-bye to my hubby as I increase his mask supply

We talk about someone’s motives and I leave house with Elvis’ song in my head “Suspicious Minds”

               Benefit of that is I observe, question everything. Acceptance

See six school buses so stop in country on first gravel road approach; leave message forgrandchildren 

               Text a friend that I passed her lane on my way for the day away

Hawks circle at next approach for bathroom stop; back in car as car swoops over a hill

               Sit and stare as a gull circles; and cross the way; brown geese cover the field; a crow’s nest

Pussy willows and phone rings from my daughter; isolation extended; a catch up with a granddaughter

               As eight deer take turns prancing across the road; a school bus comes over the hill; spend an hour as a five-year-old explains the jungle gym she is making in her backyard and the first snow flakes fall

               Thought: Universe reflecting where I need to be. Move on to be in Humboldt by noon; highway #5; Construction 60 kph; four miles broken pavement; snow squall; the sun comes out

               Magpie, horse, cows, Canada geese, more school buses, one ambulance; huge snow squall by

Bruno; hardly any visibility at Carmel corner. See a sign. Leave highway for gravel road. Headed for

Wildlife Refuge. Few miles down the road and there it was; a moose on the road. I pulled off into field as same elevation as road; and just watched till it sauntered away. 

Drove up to where it stepped off the road into the bush; and there they were. Twin calves.

Mature twin calves; less than two car lengths from me. Staring me down. What a Sight to see. 

               Move on; winding dirt road in between sloughs on to a better one till says no through road

Past old-fashioned farmyard. Stopped after watching black cows on gold straw; geese migration flyway.

               Through Burr town; on to gravel road; Smaller than I remember; to the farm where I grew up

Found a rock, a feather, cloth and a piece of wood. Crocus Hill is no more; through the country side

               One snow squall after another; into Humboldt; a sister’s birthday lunch; a walk about; a surprise outdoor cousin visit; all masked; a catch up on a quiet street; a contemplative drive home.

               April 19, 2021


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