Nova Scotia & PEI -2007

OUR HOLIDAY in Nova Scotia and PEI – Oct. 2007

Plane coming into Halifax; looking down, everything beautiful; spectacular
fall colors; reds and oranges; deep green evergreens; to 14 Blue
Forest Lane for our first bed and breakfast experience; even more
special than I imagined.  The couple giving us directions to Peggy’s
Cove and we were there for dinner.  The Lighthouse walk over the
rocks. Halibut supper and Home to the Jacuzzi.  Slept sound through
the winds and rain. Lashing rain on Kearney Lake Road through Bedford
Basin to Pier 21 and a new Tilley Hat for Bob.

Keiths/ Farmer’s Market; the Red Stag Tavern to Share a Sandwich
and Beer at noon.  Will I fall asleep?  Doubtful as I had 12 hours.
Hard time getting to 9:30 breakfast. Wonderful waffle with fruit
breakfast.  To the Atlantic Maritime Museum. Waverly Inn on
Barrington Street and a walk to Kelvies for a Seafood Platter.
Dancing the night away at Bearly Blues and Ribs with Matchstick Mike
and the Smoking Alter Boys.  Sky light over our bed showed us Blue
Skies for Sunday Morning walk through the public gardens; and the
Citidal; to Port Hood for a sunset over the ocean. 

chowder at Buddies and fishcake Breakfast .  A walk along the ocean
seeing Summer Island Houses across the Bay. Al McGuiness’ Home.
Took dirt road along the ocean. Trees on fire – copper, crimsons,
cinnamon, shimmering golds; brilliant reds,  tangerine.  Halloween
Costuming with pumpkin heads in every yard.  Racoons and a grouse.
Eagle outside of Inverness on the Cabot Trail.

Hangar Red Rock Mountain around the coastline.  French Acadian
Communities by the sea.  Shimmering fresh water lakes on top of a
mountain.  I’d say “Look at that” and he’d say, “that’s

at a Co-op for a beer on the way to Meat Cove for Whale watching and
lunch.  Breathtaking hair pin turns/ switchbacks over and over.
Scenery on the east coast – more reds – lime greens, 3 moose; car
brakes smoking.

dinner at St Anne’s motel overlooking the cove.  In bed watching
people fish . Yellow roses still look fresh in the morning. 

in a shambala Buddist Community.  Foraging through the quinoa,
vegetarian chile and chocolate cake topped off with a beer. 10 miles
out of town; walk under the full moon and next morning through the
forest.  At Tatamagouche. 

pewter at Pugwash.

Brunswick; a beer by the sea.

km Confederation bridge.  McCains Potato Factory in PEI by the Red
Potato Fields.   The smell of potatoes.  Cavendish Farms have the
monopoly or is it Irving? 

rolling hills. Sea view. Public Golf Course on the Honor system.  A
Wheel is the Clubhouse.

Bed and Breakfast; The Beach House Inn on the northern shores of PEI.
Huge gulls on our seaside walk.   Red cliffs; Cora’s Oyster Bar
and Bob tries a QueHawg for the first time.  Oysters preferred; raw
and down they go.

London pioneer cemetery – 1763. 

– Eagle Glen Golf Club with White sand dunes – Claddah – Irishman’s
Oyster Bar; shared a pint and a tub of Mussels.  Charlotteown; where
my grandson was born; went through Founder’s Hall; Providence House
– 1846 Father’s of Confederation met there for a week long meeting
– today listened to the Premier answer to the opposition leader’s

drive down the 19
Coastal Highway; behind a school bus as 18 get off at one spot; house
after house along the lanes.  The Plover bird I’ve never seen
before; day after day the sun has been shining; pumpkins non-stop;
fields of them; colors galore; forests of color; farms with the sea
in the background.  Backtrails preferred.

in such good shape. Ocean view potato farms; holsteins and forest;
cemetaries and towns.  All is green except for fall colors and red
dirt roads. 

in to talk to a farmer.  One of three independent farmers and he’s
going organic. Otherwise McCains takes it all.

of PEI we talked to could have been our growing up next door
neighbors.  Sunset over the confederation bridge as we headed back to
Nova Scotia.

– A full moon and sunrise at same time – Drug store of Sir Charles
Tupper – Prescription service since 1843.  A Tim Horton’s

home of Anne Murray; and a Miner’s Monument – 440 lives lost to
have 65 tonnes of reserve Coal.  

flew by as we drive through incredible colorful country of logging;
farming; maple production and red fields but no idea what the red
foliage actually was.  Never did find out but whole hillsides of red

of Fundy Tidal Bore at Truro.  Red waters rising. 

I forgot – deer in the forest; green fields; lawns everywhere; little
pastures; deep green evergreen; Some areas; very low income; some
beautiful big homes; some really close to the road; many  clothes
hanging on the line.  Seafood every night; Lobster was  great!!

– world’s highest recorded tides.   Different architecture along
the east shore again – silos – 4-5 in each yard; commercial cattle
operations; feedlots; smell and all.  Forests and farms; wild and
rugged. Some could be Christmas tree farms.

little drives; close to the ocean – orange; rusts; golds.

mines; fields of pumpkins again; apple trees in the forest.

Valley; stop for a Courtland Apple.  Detour; horse and buggy; good
roads; lane waves are paved.  Annapolis Royal – Queen Anne Inn;  a
breakfast to die for; honey braised bagel with brie and pineapple;
mushrooms and scrambled egg; could only eat ½ the pineapple coconut
muffin; along with the orange juice; coffee and martini flute with
yogurt, fresh raspberries; granola with 3 leaves of green mint.  That
had topped off an evening meal of Atlantic Salmon; mussels; lobster
Bisque; cream sauce with noodles; Thai vegetables with lots of
peppers , beans, snow peas and cauliflour; Coconut home made Ice
Cream for dessert.

hospitality in that 3 story Queen Ann period stye Inn was incredible.
The period style dinning rooms; sitting room; outside decks;
barbeque ovens; and 4 poster king size beds. Amazing.

gardens the next day; the Rusty reds as we drove through the middle
of Nova Scotia; lakes; rocks and bush.

Shore Coffin Island on the Atlantic Ocean.  Mariner’s Landing in
Bridgewater.  Destroyer on our way to Lobster Salad Sandwich at
Lunenburg.  German Black Forest restaurant.

up the Docks day along the way. Storage of Boats.  Colorful Lobster
traps. Gravesite Cemetaries along the road; flowers on the
headstones.  Close to the Ocean but in the Forest on the road you’d
never know the ocean is there.

night; Bedford Basin to the Cellar for Haddock and Scallops. One last
night at Blue Forest Lane and home ending our first 10 day vacation.



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