9. Summer Trip

Red winged blackbird
Yellow canola field
A sea of green
Variety of color
Overcast then
Nuance of Light
Rain on windshield
Clouds racing by
River valley
A lone crow
Campers for sale
A new RV lot
Standing water
Last night’s rain
A beaver or huge muskrat
Dead on the highway
Large bales in the ditch
Standing Wheat
Two feet high
In the fields
Wolf willow
Along the railway tracks
Cattail marshes
Hawks hunting mice
Going north
More bush all the time
Gardens in farmyards
White house
Red barn
A blue field
Cattle lowing
Two donkeys
Large sloughs
Poplar bluffs
Stone elevators
Semis peeled rubber on highway
Cemetery outside the city
Casinos in
Twenty five vehicles at the four pump
Gas station/restaurant/convenience store
Back in the country
Wild baby’s breath
Satellite towers
Both sides of the road
Or cell phone towers?
Yellow and Green
Everywhere we look
Dark green clumps of trees
Wind and rain
Wreaked havoc with crops
Lodged it’s called
Another cell phone tower
Two miles from last one
No summer fallow to be seen
Canola, wheat and barley
About ten granaries per farmyard
No oil derricks yet
Sloughs like lakes
Two pelicans soar
Abandoned School Yard
Fields of beauty
Oil tanks begin
Sage filled pasture
Golden rod
Blue bird houses
Fading wild roses
Purple larkspur
Or fire weed?
Black and brown cows
Two old ravens sit
On dead tree
Too much rain or
Too much water?
Dead trees
Clouds breaking up
19 degrees
Maybe can golf
– 26 July 2014 –



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