Kenora Ontario – Summer 2012

Bob and my 17 syllables

Summer 2012

Eastern Tour

Windshield wipers on high

Jansen tour off the highway

2 moose, no camera

Wynyard rainy golf

My sister’s beautiful home

Slept sound, dreamed big

6 grainbin’s tipped

1 atop grain auger

Canola and wheat grows

Yorkton’s building boom

Cow pastures, gravel pits, marshland

Horse rolling on it’s back

Treed cattle country

Processing plants, Birtle, Man sign

Highway construction

Green river valleys

Nice even crops, 23 degrees

Home of Margaret Lawrence

Lilies, art and friendly folk

No Post office to be found

Round bales, corn, potatoes

Reflecting on peace

Bob and I hold hands, share plans

Sunflower field waves

Flat land near Portage

Confuses me mid July

Harvest gold barley

Our trip so far was

Relaxing, uneventful

Perimeter road ahead

La Salle Hospitality

Two Inns, Business Talks

A fifth wheel way to live

Home with a river view

Sun room, bird watch, children’s books

A family I never knew

Pine treed cambrian shield

Rock cuts, 4 lane # 1

Welcome Ontario

2 laned 90 k

Blue lake, pines, cottage country

2 cranes in the marsh

Bald Eagles, egrets

A cabin in the trees

Boat ride on Loch Bay

Water Lily, a garden lunch

Afternoon Catch Up

A dear first cousin’s place

Hummingbird Haven

Water lapping floating dock

Visits, Smile on my face

Chattering Chipmunks

Travel talk, whats up next

Steak, shrimp and eggplant

Listen to the bird sounds

Oak, balsam and birch

I cry, am so grateful

Pine smell of the north

Sun glistening on leaves

A journey being prepared

A beautiful day

A breeze off Lake of the Woods

A paddle boat cruise

Slow walk Kenora

Lunch overlooking lake

Bob swims, I meditate

A room with a view

Deck upon deck upon deck

So still I can see the birds

Woodpecker up close

Heron visits, loon calls

Lemon ginger sesame

After dinner drinks

Sleep like a baby

Black eyed susans wave good-bye

Pulp load check area

Sieux Narrows, Fort Frances Day

Float planes park, deer graze

Gas station grandson of

Someone we hoped to meet

He’s dead now, new cousins met

Tug boat tour, ice cream

Pulp mill smell river walk

34 humid degrees

International Falls

US border guard

Took orange Left beer for us

Minnesota deer stand

Gardens everywhere

A white and black eagle

Combining complete

Corn high as a sign

Roseau, county fair’s last day

Chickens, geese, guinea fowl

Demo derby, raffles, games

Exhibits, rides, homemade pie

No charge for anything

Except the pie, Hotel for $69

With fireworks & breakfast

Cattle sleep under trees

Turkey farm with fowl outside

Crop duster flying low

Farms, co-operatives, legions

Same as Canada thought

So many pro-life signs

20 miles to Canada

North Dakota sign

Combining barley in progress

Sunflowers, sugar beets

Red river of the north

Slow moving truck, near accident

Army missile silo

Sweet peas climb fences

Langdon city street fair

Historic homes 1888

Old car show off

Child’s trapeze dream come true

National wildlife preserves

See not much time of year

Black birds, hawks, kildeer

The scalp um shop

Turtle Mountain reservation

Casino Entrance

International Peace Garden

Great design, weeds surprise

Unkempt, disappoint

Back in Canada

Bumpy roads, bulls, beans, peas

Neater farms where we’d been

Brandon Hills acreages

Virden oil wells and soon

Into Saskatchewan

Feel like storm chasers

Lightning close by, rainbow show

Ominous dark clouds

Whitewood diner meal

Freight train miles long

Quapalle Valley Market Gardens

Sunset at Craik and Gervin

Sliver moon in pink sky

All the way home


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