136. A Closet

     A closet that is quite full is my bedroom closet here at my warm winter home.  I tell myself that if I bring in something, then it would be best to take out something. It has not worked.  When it is overflowing, I move some things to another closet in the Arizona room.

     It seems that my closet is like a costume place. I am in a variety of activities so there are sporty casual to evening, dressier items. Then I have some shawls or poncho type clothing I just love. I thought at one time I would leave clothes here and have different clothes in Saskatoon but I could not do it. When I unpacked in Saskatchewan one spring, I remarked to someone, “I just unpacked my happy clothes.” Since then I am conscious that I want that for all my clothes. If I don’t like them, I no longer have them.

     It is the amount I have that still bothers me. I rarely buy anything.  My clothes are given to me by nieces, sisters, friends or I have won them at golf tournaments. It would have to be a tremendous sale for me to buy new. I spend money in a second-hand place like Sunshine Acres or at a yard sale but I rarely do that anymore; as my closet is full.

     I do have a bag sitting in my vehicle which will be donated the next time I go by a donation box as I did do a teeny bit of closet cleaning this year. I will have some decisions to make in about three weeks time when I decide what in my closet is really me nowadays and what pieces of clothing will make it back to my summer home.

                                                        March 7, 2016 – Ten Minute Writing


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