2. Dreams


I’d like to tell you about some of the dreams I’ve dreampt. That is why I began writing. I began keeping journals as I wanted to keep track of the difference between my thoughts, my memories and my dreams.

One of the first dreams I wrote down was of a girl whose head had come off. What was neat was I knew exactly what the dream meant and the more I studied my dreams the more they helped sort out my life.

I even took a class about dreaming once. It was an all women group who were wanting to study their dreams. Their was nothing I disagreed with in the class as it validated what I had already learned after about ten years of writing out my dreams. I’m now on year twenty-five.

From my own experience, when my dreams have other people in them, I can usually right away pick out a word or metaphor that describes that person and know in the dream, it is describing an aspect of my self. Other people have different types of dreams that I don’t have yet. My son has flying dreams. I don’t.

Dreams about a basement for me are usually what is still in my subconscious needing to be looked at. Lots of rooms can be all the different areas of my life and for me, when it’s in the attic or a roof of a house, we are usually talking about spiritual things.

I wrote a song within a year of recording these dreams and the end line of the song said “I know my dreams will sort it out for me.”

One dream I will always remember was opening the door to a basement and as I walked down the stairs, half the basement was in darkness with more than an opening sliver of light leading me towards the light of the other half. On the other side of the darkness was a lotus flower etched into the basement floor. That side of the basement was clear and I knew it was all the healing I had done and was telling me to keep on going.

It was an incredible sight and the next day walking home from work, I went by a store that sold all kinds of things from around the world. I stopped in; and saw a ring with a purple stone in the shape of a lotus flower similar to what had been in the dream. I bought it; wore it for years and one day, gave it away to a native woman who was leading healing circles for abused women.

When I share a dream with someone else, by talking out loud about it, new insights are there and when others share their dreams with me, I have found that if I say, “If it were my dream, “ and share what it might mean for me, people have come back to me thanking me for the ideas I’ve presented saying it had been helpful to them.

I think our dreams process all that go on in our lives; not only from the present but since the barrier is gone between what came before us and what is beyond, there is much we can learn.

I looked back at my dreams I’ve written down in the past month. One I had lost my shoes in a foreign country. Shoes for me are about understanding. Foreign country – I am trying something totally different in my life. Recording songs and putting them out in the world on the facebook page called Sharon Speaks as a way of ending abuse.

One dream, I was putting on a white outfit. Every color in my dream means something and white is like the top of the house; can’t get more spiritual than that; white for me, being the universal energy of life.

Twice lately I’m making love in my dreams. I am totally coming together! Yeah!

– 13 February 2017 –


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