127. Christmas Stockings

        I now have a Christmas stocking memory as I received one two years ago in Viewpoint.

         I did not hear of them when I was growing up.  We received oranges, nuts and candy under the tree as a family.  We assumed they came from Santa Claus.  I have no idea where the people received what they found in their Christmas stockings.

        Just as I was leaving home, my younger sister persuaded Mom to buy some red felt and she made decorative stockings that could not be filled up. She trimmed them in white and there were twelve of them. Each name was on them and they were lined up on the wall behind the table.

      Two years ago, friends had us over on Christmas Day.  On the patio eavestrough was hung a stocking with the name Ellen on it.  I was excited.  Inside was a flashlight which I used for something a few weeks ago.  There was also a Tee Time book which was really a notepad. I used a paper out of that this morning to jog my memory.

       Candles were also a part of it. They were like tea lights.  Thanksgiving we had a gathering where we needed two tables.  I used those candles to add to the sacred feel of the gratitude for the day.

       I’m unsure if there were other gifts. Now as I write this, I remember the blue and black socks that both my husband and I can wear and have worn on different occasions.

       I can’t forget the happy feeling seeing the stocking with my name on it and that feeling only increased as I pulled out one after another gift that was meant for me.

                                                            December 14, 2015 – Ten Minute Writing –


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