153. Relocating

           I have learned much listening to the people in the writing class speaking of moving from their away home to their Mesa home. We all know it involves planning and rearranging at both ends of the spectrum. Some have chosen to permanently relocate to their Mesa home. I won’t be doing that so will continue to sort what I want to haul back and forth from Saskatchewan to Arizona as my needs and interests change.

              My music needs are what require the most planning as right now, it is the most important for me in relation to material things. I have at least eighteen binders of music. This even shocked me when I counted them. This is not counting my guitar, an amplifier, a mike and a music stand. I now have a piano and a keyboard in Saskatoon and a keyboard here so one less thing to pack.

               I found out if I can find a used I-pad, a woman here can set me up with all the music I play in the band so that would eliminate about ten binders. Anyone hearing of someone updating an i-pad, know that I could use the old one. I’d pay for it.

                I wrote a song in October that reflects this re-arranging because of relocating. There’s a singer inside me who wants to come out of hiding and be heard. It takes a lot of rearranging and reorganizing to decide what to leave behind and what to keep, and I’m not talking about just music.

                My song title is RE- ARRANGING and I’d like to share it with you now.

I long for you to come out of hiding

Living and loving and listening again

Dreaming of loves that have been hidden

Giving up what once was undone.




Till I get it right

Whispering in love my words of wisdom

Reframing my life my inner vision

Living for the moment

Loving all of life.




River of life

                                                        February 6, 2017


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