144. Splashing

     I can imagine taking my granddaughter for a walk next summer. She is eighteen months right now; just starting to speak; says “Ello, Gramma, Grampa; have a good day!” I can picture us walking to the splash pond in Saskatchewan where we live in the summer. She is in her second set of swimming lessons; loving them and is not afraid of water.

   I can imagine taking her on a trip to the country as I did about fifteen years before with her older brother. Back then, in the country, we not only picked strawberries but had fun eating as we picked.

   Speaking of being out in the country; I am a birder; even being up in northern Saskatchewan on what I call, “My Great Northern Owl Hunt.” We were banding great grey owls. I was considered excellent at seeing the owl. It’s another thing I’d love to share with my grandchildren.

    Change of subject; listening to a radio is probably not an interest I’d share with them as it is a rare occurrence that I listen to the radio.  Unless I was in a car, I’d turn it on if I noticed a storm coming. I have not ever been rewarded with accurate storm reporting by radio. I have signed up for tornado or emergency notifications to come directly to my phone. My grandchildren will probably have to explain how to use my phone as we turn them off for the five months we are away.

      I am debating only turning it on occasionally when there is free wi-fi occurrences in order to send a four-line poem to my grandson. He is seventeen and it seems texting might be the way to make a splash with him. Skyping seems to work for my granddaughter but neither phone or computer will be part of our splashing pond experience.

                                                                        November 7, 2016 – Ten Minute Writing –


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