155. Island Paradise

        I landed on an island paradise one time.  My hubby and I chose to go to Thailand.  A boat; a fast paced speed boat type of boat, took us; our two backpacks and each of us hanging onto  one end of a big bag of golf clubs.

         It was okay when we left the dock of mainland Thailand as we stepped gingerly off the dock into the boat. I was attempting to put on sunscreen when the boat took up speed and we were hurtling across the ocean with the nose of the boat straight up in the air and me at the bottom of the boat looking straight up.

          I had no idea where we were going or how long it would take to get there.  Bob had been there before. I had not bothered to ask. I must have been living in the moment.

           I remember three things about that trip. I bought a shirt for six Canadian dollars. I wear it still. The bamboo hut we stayed in each night on that island called Kozamet was six Canadian dollars.  Now about the insects. That`s the third thing I remember.

            I was a little leary regarding insects as I saw some of those little ghecko type insects when we checked in. It was a beautiful little hut though and I totally enjoyed my time there with the blue waters, the sand and the sun.

              At night the locals would catch the cicadas in a jar. They were like a big beetle; maybe an inch and a half long. They supposedly fried them up as a delicacy of eating enjoyment. I think they are an insect that are just out for a little while. I remember the sound; the jungly, forest all around and the incessant humming of the cicadas on those hot humid nights as pinpoints of lights in the darkness told us the hunt for cicadas was on.

                                                        January 23, 2017 – Ten Minute Writing –


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