102. Doing A Number

                                                 This, a ten-minute writing. I want to be part of the writing club. If I would have tried to make it to the first day’s meeting when I was just back; it would have been like doing a number on myself. I am attempting to slow my life down, to BE instead of DO. I wrote a commitment to my work friends about learning non-doing. It will be interesting how that works out.

                                                 We have choices in life and I am making wiser choices all the time. I am attempting to live a life of gratitude and giving back. I have been given many things, developed a lot of talents and if I can be part of giving back to others to allow others to be the best they can be; I want to be part of that.

                                                 I am loving what I am developing with friends help. I went to a presentation on choices and reflection. I chose to have a singer-songwriter from my home town spend some time mentoring me. I paid her $50.00 to listen for one hour about all I have been doing outside of my work life that I want to continue doing and then another $50.00 a week later for her to give me some ideas of where I might start. I am sure that is all percolating right now.

                                                 My writing has been an important stepping stone to shedding the old and uncovering the essence of who I am. It has been a tool of self-awareness. I enjoy it. It is a gift I appreciate. I understand it is hard work for some. Not so in my case. It does surprise me how long one minute is and how much writing happens in a ten-minute time frame.

                                                 It is like the timelessness feeling I experience when I am so involved in something and it seems like a great deal of time has gone by and actually been very short.                             November 3, 2014

—-Ellen Sagh

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