117. Temperature

         My energy is my temperature.  How I feel in my body is based on the energy flowing through me.  If it is clear and full up, I have energy to burn.   If my brain or my body has unleashed some previously hidden beliefs or fears, my body’s energy will show the world in my songs, in my words or my actions.

Sometimes I will have body pain I can’t explain so I will complete a vision board or a collage and write about it to help explain what I am experiencing.

         I did that this week to be in touch with what the future holds for me and to figure out if the fear I was experiencing is to do with now or from my past.  I’m happy to say it was from the past; and probably was from the vulnerability I felt from singing my songs in front of people who don’t know many things about me.

        I will pass my journal with a copy of my vision board and share what I wrote when I studied it.  “I shall live long and love, in love with my moments of life that are like a vacation as I choose my passions of music, nature, and beauty; in the desert or in our new home in Saskatoon; whatever I’m doing.  Bob and I will be announcing our homecoming and continuing our lives around golf; reconnecting with family, friends and school mates; tennis and bird talk. Letting it be will be my theme as I work with my energy when I’m back to my roots, enjoying the desert or the city and A New Baby!  I will continue enjoying deep connection and the awakening of spiritual magnificence sharing through singing, recording, receiving and pondering through guides, everyday activities, sitting, travelling as I continue moving through the dance of life.“

         Now, my song of the day which most of you have already heard: “I am at home, I am at home, I am at home, wherever I am.”

          Thank you.

                                                        February 23, 2015

—Ellen Sagh

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