96. Story About Red

                                                 I want to write a story about red for the writing group but also want to write a review of life in 2013 for friends to stay connected.

                                                 The color red is about survival for me. Writing and staying connected has been my survival.

                          This 2013 Christmas morning I sat out in the sun eating peanuts after our tennis brunch; skyping with the kids before the traditional turkey dinner with 5 other Sask couples. This 2013 year started with a bang; the Australian fireworks. My job sharing continued with training of the new people added in. We moved to a lovely condo in south Saskatoon. Bob was working his starter job at the golf course; and I went though another crashing and burning to a better place while loving our home.

                          My grandson is now over six feet and so fun to be with. I love the phone calls with his mom and how we are forging new relationships with my son and his partner as I go back and forth from Mesa to Saskatoon. Hubby’s life in Arizona with and without me is quite enjoyable and mine is too. Such good friends; here and there. I loved my solstice party.

                          When will I have time to paint my toenails? Not my biggest question in life but one. Another, when will we go to Vietnam? Cambodia?

                          I want more time for nieces, nephews, yoga, sing, play piano and read.

                          The new! Birding! I saw twenty -two different species out in the desert in one morning! Wow! The are over forty different kinds of birds here in Viewpoint. The silver making class was awesome. I can wear the copper earrings and pendant I made. I’m moving up in tennis so supposedly less golf. It’s not really happening.  My sweetie played tennis with me last Sunday to practice for my competition. YEAH!!!!

                          These last few weeks; besides the above; I was into making song lists with the key I want to sing. Lists came from the folk, country, songs of the world and the children’s songs of my past. I read two books; one called “A New Earth” and the other, “Bobby Orr”.

                          I’m deciding, “when will I edit Book III; or what will I do with it?”

                          The writing has not quit. I tried. Then thirteen pages of poetry and prose flowed out in the last few weeks. Then I write out my weird experiences. This morning a song from inside me to the one in my house sleeping, “Teach Me To Sleep, tell me how you do it.”

                          The bow tie I brought from the Saskatoon thrift shop to Mesa worked for New Year’s Eve; for our elegant night out, AND

                          We had another date; a desert river walk where the wild horses are (we did not see them yet). We did go to the Bob Seger tribute concert; the tour of Tempe; had many happy hours and suppers too delightful to describe. (just imagine King Crab and dancing in the living room.)

                          Bob has the T-Time book for at least twelve men; so he’s on the phone or on the run; and appreciates the sauna and hot tub on a near daily basis.

                          We’ve taken the Christmas lights down; put our stockings away; it doesn’t bother me as much anymore when people use the word Lord, God or Christmas Carols are being sung. I can even sing them now.

                          I still cry a lot but many are tears of gratitude.

                          January 13, 2014

—-Ellen Sagh

summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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