161. Valentine’s Present

       It was Valentine’s Day.  I was sitting at my desk when my office supervisor appeared. He indicated a meeting had been called and I was to immediately come with him to the front boardroom. As we walked together down the hallway, he was making inane chatter about something I was not following but as I lived in a world where what your boss says; you don’t question, so I went.

       He opened the door for me and I stepped into a room full of my colleagues smiling mile wide smiles and a man with a microphone began singing a song to me.  It was a love song.  An over the top love song. I don’t know if I recognized the tune but as it ended, he was handing me chocolates, flowers with balloons and announcing for all of Saskatoon to hear that a girlfriend of mine had bought his services as an actor and radio personality as part of a charity fundraiser with proceeds going to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization.

          His song of love to me made that Valentine’s Day special not only for me but gave such a good feeling; a boost to the morale for all my co-workers. I was walking on cloud nine not only that day but for days to come.

                                                        February 13, 2017 – Ten Minute Writing


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