74. My Four Guests

                                                 Four guests I would invite to my dinner party are four close friends. I have known each of them about twenty years. They have gotten to know me through time spent together at functions, parties, events and gatherings through the years.

                                                 I met the first women I’d invite when I went to a gathering of women called nine moons.  She was the facilitator and arranged for the same group of women to meet once a month on the full moon for nine months straight.

                                                 The next woman I’d invite I met at a gathering of women who were in a healing group. She has listened to me like a sister.
A friend of hers I’d invite I also met at the same group. I would not only invite her to my dinner party but am remembering when she wanted a place to live, she rented a basement suite in my home for three years and we have a bond that continues to this day.

                                                 I’d also invite an interesting friend who now lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island but is house sitting in Victoria, BC this month to be close to her son.

                                                 The five of us would not run out of conversation. We would fill each other in on our lives since we last met. We would share our adventures as we all travel.

                                                  We have travelled together near and far. One time three of the five of us went to a singing conference in the next city. Another time, four of the five of us travelled to Columbia as that is where one was born and raised.

                                            We are all in the midst of a changing life stage; moving into the end of mid-life; some just prior to retirement. We often talk of these post-menopausal life times as well as the aging process. We are defining our utopias.

                                         Health is always a topic as all of us are into natural methods of living; healing ourselves and our planet. We would probably be talking about the basics such as our water, food, and what works for us and what does not.

                                                 We would talk about our love for each other.

                                                                        February 4, 2013 (Ten Minute Writing)


—-Ellen Sagh

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