90. Chicken, Alaska

I’ve just been told there is a town called Chicken, Alaska.

We are to write a four-minute short story about being on our way there.

I have no desire to go. I prefer warm.

If I had to go, I’d definitely choose August. That might be the best month for me. I love flowers and birds. The scenery of Alaska is stupendous. I am warming to the idea.

I think my wisest choice would be to do some research. I would like to drive. I enjoy seeing new places. I will have to pull out the Canada/U.S. Map Book and plot a route.

It does not take me long to pack. I do think I would want a cooler and survival gear. I have a small tent and sleeping bag. It would probably be in my best interest to determine stopping points along the way.

I think because I have been flitting back and forth between Canada and the US this year, I am content at home and have no desire for the far north.

On the other hand, the twenty-four-hour daylight, the northern lights, flora, fauna, wildlife and new adventures could percolate something within.

If I was with my partner, I might do it.

Chicken, here I might come.

March 2011

-Ellen Sagh
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