160. Disliked Activity

       An activity I dislike that I will not mention in my writing and see if you, the reader, can guess what I am describing by the time you have finished reading:

      I am out in the golf cart. I am ready to go. I have done all the preparation. I sit and think about how it has come to this. I’ve had a plan since it was first decided that I would be part of this activity.  I have reviewed the activity and all the components that will go into it with the person I’m going with.

      I am usually way ahead of the time that has been previously set for take off.  I have all the items gathered that will be part of the activity.  It could be silverware, napkins, plates, glasses, could even be the cooler and contents of what we will both imbibe. All that will have joined me on the cart.

     I have time to contemplate during this unpleasant period.  I might think about whether the cart key is required or if later in the evening a coat, or an umbrella, will be required.  It could even happen I have time to imagine excuses that will be made, or I can choose to redo my hair or complete the finer aspects of acceptance.  Deep breathing brings the high blood pressure of frustration to settle me down to enjoy what is happening in the moment.

       Luckily, a little bunny, a Gamble’s quail or the Moon might appear to divert my thoughts and alleviate my suffering.


                                                                           February 20, 2017 – Ten Minute Writing


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