67. Time in Saskatchewan with Snow – Dec 2012

Flip flops to heels, desert to snow, fresh to froze, fruit as I go

Off to work at 7 am, eight days to go till I’m done again.

Good-bye to new friends, get on a plane, nice to see family, together again.

Listen to the forecast: ice, snow and blowing snow. Slippery sections. Minus 31 with the wind chill. Plug in the car. Heavy winter mitts; bundle up for the wind; snow scraper in sight, ensure the windshields clear. Amazing the extra time it takes to go somewhere; layers and layers; unfamiliarity for hubby; the ski boot laces, finding hood for a winter coat; extra scarf and mitts just in case. Gas up and stick a bottle of gas line anti-freeze in the cubby hole. Saskatchewan winter driving of the day: reduced visibility, drifting snow; blowing snow; whiteouts when passing; amber red and orange snow plow lights and it is shooting snow on the wrong side of the road. Snow piled high at the intersections. Enjoy a hockey game at a small-town rink. Family fun times. Crokinole. Christmas Eve & then Christmas day: Sundogs like rainbows round the sun; white cloud cover blending with white landscape; tufts of prairie stubble sticking up in snow covered fields; black highway and telephone poles; tunnel effect. Crunch of feet on snow. Heavy hoar frost gives way to sunny day; clear and cold; wonderful Christmas meals; times with family; coming home under a full moon; lights of the farmhouses beam up into the sky.

—-Ellen Sagh

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