76. I Am In Love

I am in love

With my home

With the open doorway

To the sunrise each morning

The deck where I can see the stars

Or the Northern Lights I am waiting for

The open concept where natural light

Comes in from every direction

I can look north and see the trees

Planted by neighbors

The North Star

Big Dipper at nights

Screen door opens on each side of house

Fresh air fills my home

I am in love with sunshine year round

Or a Cloudy Day is fine too

Snow and Blowing snow Yesterday

Didn’t bother me a bit

Was happy to be here

Inside with My Loved One

Giving me pleasure

My House

As the Quiet Suits me

Cleaning it in last while

Has been a pleasure

As I contemplate

The Past

The Now

The Future

          Five Min Writing March 25, 2020

—-Ellen Sagh

summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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