110. Price / Value / Assessment

      As I said as I left the last class before Christmas, this writing club has been a priceless gift for me.  It is true value for my money.  Ten dollars a year has given me much pleasure.

      I’ve enjoyed the friendships I’ve made. The kindness and open-mindedness lift my spirit.

     I had imagined upon retirement I’d have or make the time to write.  As the time drew near, I was not into writing as much as singing and tennis and golf.

     All is well.  I am singing near every day.  I had my best golf score on the nine-hole course during the holidays.  I’ve been enjoying tennis and the preparation to be in the Mixed Double’s Holiday Tournament.  I won big and lost big.

     These past two weeks while the regular scheduled activities were absent, I was in another deep healing period of many sleepless nights and lots of crying.

      About fifteen years ago, I wrote a song called “Grieving Alone”.  Part of it goes like this:

                                                        “My heart is breaking

                                                        It’s crying inside

                                                        I know it is opening

                                                        Improving our lives

                                                        It hurts to be here

                                                        It feels so alone

                                                        I know it is a part

                                                        Of finding my way home. “

     I no longer feel alone.  My assessment has been and continues to be sharing my experience with others allows the healing.   Thank you.

                                                        January 6, 2015

—Ellen Sagh

summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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