Connaught Fair – July 2015

Heard about it years ago

100 year anniversary

We have to go

Tisdale – beehive of the North

Undulating Wheat Fields

Canola Yellow

First time see hemp growing

And a blue green ancient grain

$5.00 admission

Well drilling equipment

Beside the Bingo

1915 Model T or A

Caboose; stove and all

Jewelry to Engrave

$3.00 rings

$2.00 fish pond

Sanded play area

Heavy horses Sat 1 pm

Miss that but catch the grandstand

Music galore; buy a cd

95 year old better shape

Than many decades younger

Old neighbours, friends

Handshakes all around

Life story catch up

Generous in laws

Bed and breakfast

Back to caragana seed popping


By the blue flax field

Camper parking lot

Sleek horses being combed

Dragonfly canopy

No mosquitoes

Thirty degrees twelve noon

Wooden chairs better

Than ones on our deck

Heritage Hall jams & jellies

Old school quilt display

Free draws Exhibit hall

Zucchini and Chard

First place red ribbon

Berries and rhubarb

Canned goods, pickles

Honey and bread,

Dried flowers, purple knitted mitts

All behind chicken wire

Try to miss horse poop

On our walk about

Beer Gardens last night

Shady sitting today

Light horse show

Eight year old’s

In the costume classic

Horse and rider dress up

50’s poodle skirt

Red riding hood

First communion dress

Judges can’t decide

All get first place

Helmeted riders

Reining prowess

Horses walking backwards

Miniature horses

No more cattle,sheep or pigs

Things of the past

Mandolin sounding harp

On the grand stage

Telling stories

Through song

Three hole outhouse

Kids races

Backwards, forwards

Three legged, gunny sack

No uniform ball game

Three generations

On same team

Great nephew, niece

Uncle all full of


Bat cracks ball

Brother in law

Hands out quarters

For foul ball finders

Home made ice cream

Tons of water

Stand in the shade

Time to go home.


July 23/24 2015


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